Simplified digital marketing for start-ups

Today, businesses no longer question the need for the creation of a strong visual brand identity. In particular, startups are acutely aware of the need for differentiating themselves a chaotic online marketplace. Whether the goal is to onboard more users or to attract investors, the startup landscape of 2020 is highly competitive for those starting out with a new product or service. Having a unique selling point and an easily identifiable identity is a necessity for startups looking to thrive in a highly competitive world.

A robust digital marketing strategy isn’t just a nice-to-have option anymore – it is an absolute necessity. The problem is that great digital marketing agencies for startups are difficult to find. On the other hand, native teams are expensive to assemble, especially when cash flow is tight in the early stages of establishing a startup. There are four challenges facing any startup owner looking to set up shop in 2019 and beyond:

– First, you need to determine what problem you are solving.
– Second, you need to figure out who will pay to access this solution.
– Third, you need to reach these target segments.
– Fourth, you need to get these people to purchase your offering.

Easier said than done.

If we have learned anything from running a branding agency in the last ten years, it all boils down to the owner’s willingness to take measured risks and figure out the right things to say to the right person at the right time in order to onboard anyone -from customers to users to investors and everyone in-between. You might find the following steps useful on your marketing journey:

Research, baby!

Everyone thinks their product is going to be a huge success in the beginning. That’s a good thing! You need to channel this drive into solid research to see if there is a high demand for your solution – TODAY! These are the things you need to do before you even invest a single penny in your business:

– Find out who is interested in buying your product.
– Figure out how you are different from every other competitor out there.
– Look closely at both micro and macro-level markets for demand.
– Determine the potential for your company to succeed.

Digital marketing strategy

Your website is like an anchor for your online brand presence. On the world wide web,a website is one of the first places where potential clients will go to check out your business. Your job is to ensure that you have a fail-proof strategy in place to capture and convert the customers that land on your website or social pages. Business owners may find it difficult to figure out the whole digital marketing gig for themselves. This is why most busy entrepreneurs opt for a reputed digital marketing agency to help with startup branding. A freelancer or a remote digital marketing agency can help you execute effective branding strategies using SEO and content marketing tools like SEMRush and WordPress to create and expand your online ‘store front’.

Setting objectives

Everyone sets objectives. Now everyone achieves said objectives. Setting a big goal without breaking them down into trackable, actionable steps is basically like glorified daydreaming. By setting strategic and achievable milestones for your goals, you stay on track and accountable. If you work with a team, accountability if paramount!

The best way to achieve the above is to formulate what the experts call Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are reviewed from time to time. The whole process of measuring digital marketing progress becomes easier if you have formulated KPIs such as sales per month, leads per month, time spent by a user on your website in a minute or email clickthrough rates to name a few. Pick a few that are relevant to your business and keep your analytics simple.

Staying on track

Your job doesn’t end after formulating goals. Startups are vulnerable to formidable but surmountable risks. The key to digital success lies in how well your team is able to iterate and reiterate different strategies to figure out what works for your business.

Alternatively, you can save yourself from all this grunt work by handing over your digital marketing services to the professionals. No business is the same. No marketing strategies will work in the same manner for every business either! Search for the best small business branding agencies to upscale your branding.

Land & expand

You can’t just approach a person and start pitching your product in the first meeting! The days of hard-selling are long gone. Potential clients don’t want to be ‘sold to’ – they gravitate towards brands that spark conversations, solve problems! If you want to land and expand in a particular market, focus on creating rapport first:

– Approach people with thoughtful solutions
– Show genuine interest in their problems
– Don’t rush into the sales phase
– Provide the best service by fulfilling your promises
– Build trusting professional relationships
– Only ‘sell’ if they are fired up about your product or service!

Businesses like Google, Buzzfeed, Alibaba and AirBnB grew exponentially because they were solving genuine problems. The best way to deepen your relationship with target clients is to provide value and offer solutions.

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