At Vantage, we use a rapid, iterative approach to solve your branding problems. Our approach is experimental, intuitive and analytical.

Our aim is to help you capture dynamic markets through proactive problem solving and immersive collaborations.

Vantage grew as a direct response to our clients’ growing need for authentic brand management.

Ushma Naik

Brand Strategist & Founder

Vantage is the greater perspective that comes from soaring above the masses - always with an eye on the target. Our symbol, the Haliaeetus Leucocephalus, otherwise known as the bald eagle, is an incredibly agile creature. Just like the bald eagle, we help clients suddenly change course, double back or dive - even in mid-flight or marketing campaign. Together, we can navigate complex business ecosystems to conquer some of the most challenging brand problems.

Unlike our regal symbol, the origins of Vantage ITeS Consulting origins were humble. Starting with a tiny account creating technical documents for a training company, we grew from sole provider to brand consultant to a fluid agency with multiple clients across three different continents. As a tribute to our grassroots origins, we take on clients out of interest in their complex marketing problems - regardless of their account size.

I am Ushma Naik. Welcome to Vantage.

Move fast and stay fluid
in an ever-changing
market. Aways be
relevant & embrace
positive competition.

Conduct business with
authenticity & ethics.
Build symbiotic
relationships with
clients and providers.

Experiential learning
and an intuitive
approach will set you
apart from the
cookie-cutter crowd.

Get hands-on and
nurture finesse in all
deliverables. Start at
the grassroots level
and build-up.

Cultivate practical
knowledge, skills,
judgement and an
approach to new ideas.

Use heuristics to drive
efficiency. Maximum
iterations, minimum

These are the core values that govern our work.

Every strategy, every design, every piece of content we ship is governed by
these values. To learn more about our work, click the button below.