Improving Digital Experience

Digital experience is taking root, according to a recent Comcast Business survey. Specifically, 54% of organizations have completed a digital transformation initiative and 58% are in the process of implementing one.

The importance of digital marketing is very well established in the market, but are you using it in favor of the customer? In the end, your customer is going to be the end-user. As we have been saying in our social media accounts as well, an empathetic customer experience is the way to go about it, supported by connected technologies and networked infrastructure. Combining direct and contextual customer data with analytics to create “empathy content” has and will always bring upscale to your organization. Empathy brings customer understanding, expectations, desires and needs to the table.

When talking about customer experience, your user interface on the website plays a major role. Your website being the face of your company, should be more accessible backed with better site performance. Here are a few key pointers to improve your website experience.

  • Check your Google Core Web Vitals report

    Google promotes websites having faster page load times and better mobile-friendliness. Find your Core Web Vitals report on your site’s Google Search Console. Start with the Poor and Needs Improvement tabs to jump-start your CX improvements list.

  • Accessibility of your website

    Check if your website is accessible to all. Did you consider the comfortability of people with disabilities? Ensure inclusion of alternate descriptive text, transcripts or captions for product photos, graphics and other media on the websites.

  • Tests and experiencing products

    With the ongoing promotion of no-contact marketing, whereby physical contact is being prevented, customers need trial runs. Improvise to a website, where the customers can test the product and provide valuable feedback on improvements.

  • Product bundles for the win

    If you sell a variety of products, showcase them. Even if you are a service-based organization, making your website more personalized and focusing on what customers want rather than what you want to sell will increase the popularity of the brand.

  • Offer incentives like rebates 

    By giving discounts and rebates along with good quality products, you ensure customer retention. To make life easier for your customers, give them options like payment in installments. Consumers increasingly expect no-interest installment payment options.

Your keywords are such words or phrases in your brand content like blogs, websites, whitepapers, research documents, etc., that make it easier for your potential customers to find your site via search engines. Such keywords are the most important in SEOs. It is important to know what words people are using to look for similar products or services in order to make it easy for them to find you. If not, then they’ll land on one of your competitor’s or some irrelevant website. Following are a few tips to help you boost customer digital experience with the help of SEOs:

  • Provide quality content

    A relevant, informative website sells itself. Creating quality content is not only useful to build a strong SEO but also increases customer experience. Your customers rely upon and feel satisfied with the information you provide. It eventually increases your sphere of influence. Instead of finding backlinks to other websites, your website will be backlinked on the other pages. Good SEO is not just about selling products but also sharing high-quality information. But by building trust with your audience, they can convert visitors into future customers.

  • Establish backlinks

    Make sure that all your website content is linked well. Backlinking will make your website more accessible and improves the page ranking. Create a cobweb of your links on your website. Having multiple internal links per page creates a more robust SEO report. Retain traffic by giving access to external links to your website’s different pages so visitors can see the external site while staying on yours. You can also link to sites with higher authority to make them believe that your information is high-quality. Do not fill in unnecessary vague links. That will delegitimize your site.

  • Optimize time to load page

    The world is moving at a very fast pace. In other words, waiting for ten seconds may seem less, but if your customer has to wait any more than three seconds on your website, chances are, you have lost them. Long load times will increase your bounce rate. The slow speed may be due to poor coding, because of the web host or unoptimized images and videos. Go for a web audit or an experienced web developer to pinpoint the problem. A high-speed site will improve your customers’ experience, letting them get to what they’re looking for faster.

  • Great user interface

    Your customer should not feel lost and shoddy while using your website, the SEO score will reflect that. Challenging to navigate website pages will not hold the viewer’s attention for long. Session duration and bounce rate affect SEO. Ensure that your viewers stay engaged in your website. Your website pages should be well-coded, adequately managed and informative. Use rich media content like high definition graphics, infographics and videos to grab user attention. Compare your website with your competitors to measure the effectiveness of your website.

To improve the digital experience for the consumers, you need to undergo digital transformation. However, some marketers choose not to face the reality of digital transformation because of some myths. debunked these myths to provide you an insight on how to get more success in the field of digital marketing.

  • Myth: Successful businesses are more likely to digitally transform processes
  • Reality: Successful businesses are more unlikely to transform anything meaningful

In 2015, Disney park invested $1 billion in IoT sensors. Disney was already a well-established company, yet the executives recognized an opportunity for improvement and took the risk to grab it. The result could have been an unnecessary loss of the amount, but in fact, the investment increased the customer experience by multiple folds. Though your successful organization doesn’t seem to be lacking digital transformation, the right decisions may unexpectedly increase your customer experience.

  • Myth: Digital transformation is updating your website and building an app
  • Reality : Digital transformation needs constant improvements and goes deeper.

Digital transformation is not just creating an app for your website but also reshaping the way you operate. You need to constantly reevaluate your consumer data, processes and technology. According to the ongoing trends and tastes, you need to update your user interface and implement such strategies to make the life of and experience of the customers easier and better than before. Culture is the often-forgotten element that drives digital transformation success.

  • Myth: Your executive team will drive successful transformation
  • Reality: Successful digital transformation can happen at a grassroots level

Generally, organizations change and transformation happens as an impact of the decisions made by the executive team on the top-level management. Do note that changes can originate from anywhere in an organization causing lasting innovation. An idea can be generated at the grassroots level and slowly vine up the hierarchy. When ideas originate from the bottom up, they tend to gain more traction and get stronger buy-in. However, successful organizational change requires support from leadership, regardless of who is leading the charge.

  • Myth: Customers expect good products irrespective of digital performance.
  • Reality: Customers expect personalization from companies they interact with.

Customer service providers like Amazon have raised the bar for customer satisfaction. Customers expect high-touch services from each company they interact with. They need to be felt important and been heard by each company, irrespective of size and sector. The customers want not only good quality products but also efficient after-sales services, faster websites and more applications. The digital medium is the only way to bridge the gap of distance and yet being able to give what they demand.

  • Myth: There is no hurry for digital transformations
  • Reality: Digital changes are increasing at an exponential rate

Digital transformation is no longer a choice. Either transform or be left behind. Having a strong digital experience is not only important for startups or consumer companies but all. The longer you are lazy to adopt, the farther behind you’ll be. Digital transformation introduces new ways of interacting with team members and customers and often requires organizational structure and culture changes.

You need to stay updated on all the key trends, as the digital world is only effective if you are not out-dated. Crisp content, strong SEOs and grasping graphics go hand in hand to improve the user interface and experience for your consumers. Get in touch with a digital marketing expert to help you improve your digital experience.

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