Consistent branding can make or break your business!

Meet Joe. Joe has a fantastic business idea. Joe gets super-excited and pitches the idea to his colleagues and friends. He starts making a business and marketing plan, even hires a developer. Somewhere down the line, Joe starts reading up on all the internet marketing gurus, gets super-confused with everything out there and loses direction – along with the money he paid the developer.

Sound familiar?

Nearly half the number of businesses started in 2019 will shut down shop by the end of the year.

So, how do you ensure that YOUR business idea does not fizzle out and die?

It all comes down to consistent branding and content creation. Even if you have deep pockets and strong investors to back-up your endeavour, without consistent virtual contact, your customers will forget about you.

Here is some food for thought if you are looking at creating a consistent brand presence online:

Consistent does not mean boring

Look at brands like Coke and Apple. They have an unmistakable visual identity and brand message – but their content is far from boring. By maintaining a consistent look, feel and tonality, you can create a familiarity with your audience so they automatically identify your content when they come across it. If you do it right, consistent branding will help you convey a unique message while keeping your content interesting.

Collaborative content is better

Your team is the primary point of contact with your audience – unless you plan to sit there all day typing out replies and creating content yourself. If you want your audience to understand your brand, your team needs to collectively understand your brand first. Keeping your content creators in the loop means they can understand and implement highly engaged branding strategies to drive users to your platform.

A brand style guide is essential

Actually, consistent branding is not rocket science. A branding style-guide is basically the Brand Bible that every employee should refer to every time they make branding decisions. This helps ensure the consistency of your brand message and visual identity. At the same time, your staff is free to figure out creative ways of presenting your content on social platforms! A brand style guide includes, but is not limited to:

– Company tagline
– Your mission and vision statements
– Logo usage
– Templates with standard sizes
– Brand colours
– Brand fonts
– Photo styling

Whether you run a start-up, established business, agency or an individual brand, consistent content creation and branding can help you gain traction online. Download our free brand consults for more information on how you can propel your business forward using the power of branding.

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