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After overcoming the hurdles in 2021, we must focus on developing more effective and inventive methods for digital marketing in 2022. Recently, Hubspot reported that 55% of consumers do not trust the brands they buy from as much as they previously did. 65% of consumers do not trust advertisements, and 71% have no faith in sponsored posts on social media.

digital marketing trends and innovation

Let us take a look at digital marketing trends for 2022 

Around the turn of every year, there has been a huge interest in digital marketing trends and innovation. 2022 will not be any different. Businesses are looking for new opportunities to connect with their audience. 

Research shows people spend a daily average of 7 hours online worldwide. 7 hours are spent surfing the internet. Why not use that time to connect with the audience? In a world where the attention span is just 6 seconds, your business tone and voice must be effective enough to help you build the brand and drive website traffic. 

In this blog, we will discuss creative brand-building strategies to drive business traffic and generate more leads for the business. Not only this, but the blog will also focus on the outsourcing services by Vantage to help the brand stand out as an individual in the competitive market. Keep scrolling and read along! 

world class customer experience

World-Class Customer Experience 

Every year the customers are changing their preferences and priorities. Sometimes, it is tough to keep track of all the activities. Therefore, instead of focusing on customer preferences, focus on customer experience. If your business can provide a quality customer experience, your customers will come back to you no matter how long the time will be. 

Focus on building a positive working culture and excellent services; marketing will take care of itself. Personalized messages can help a lot in delivering quality service. Using personalized messages creates much impact in engaging with the customers. 

Employee Activation

How do you ensure that an efficient and friendly service is the cornerstone of a great customer experience? 

The answer is your employees. If the employees come in with a positive attitude, sharing their valuable reviews with their peers, your business will grow in the market, directly or indirectly. 

showcase social proof

Showcase Social Proof

Post your work culture, business activities, successes, and milestones in front of the audience to build trust. Social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are beneficial in showcasing your social proof for authentic customer reviews. Putting various reviews on your website increases your credibility and boosts your SEO. 

promote voice search

Promote Voice Search

People do not want to waste time typing their queries, especially when voice search is gaining popularity. With this popularity, you might want to reflect your brand to the customers. Make use of long-tail keywords in your content and stuff them whenever necessary. The algorithm follows proximity, relevance, and prominence, and with the correct information followed by relevant keywords, it guarantees your business upfront and boosts your local search results by 300%. 

Develop More Video Content

Videos are a thing today in the fast-paced world. Nobody wants to read long texts when they benefit from watching videos to grab all the necessary knowledge. Business owners will now have to be strict about developing video content to promote their products and services in the coming years. 

Over 80% of the customers are likely to purchase the product from a certain brand because of their live video demonstration. Video information holds more value and authenticity as compared to texts. If your business information is valued and your messages are well crafted, you might get many opportunities to expand your business. 

Popular digital marketing tasks that you can outsource!

Not knowing what services you will require daily is a common experience for many entrepreneurs and marketers. You need flexibility (reasonably priced) to stay competitive in a changing market. Vantage offers a wide range of services to cater to your changing needs. 

At Vantage, we help every client chart a unique path for their brand. Take a look at our ad-hoc services and build a compelling and unforgettable customer experience. 

Ad-hoc services

Ad-hoc Services

Modern brands need a flexible and cost-effective setup. We understand that without the agility & viability of a lean process, most businesses don’t make it big in the long run. Whether you are an established business, a start-up, an enterprising individual, or work, our goal is to help you build a compelling, unforgettable customer experience.

Basic Web Content

At Vantage, we help businesses, regardless of the complexity, develop basic web content to pitch sales and even focus on delivering their services to clients. Following are the primary services we provide to drive business sales and keep pace with the business’s social media presence in the market. 

  • Blog Writing 
  • Social Content Creation
  • Webpage Content 
  • Web Articles

Sales Content

To drive sales using digital communication, it is important to let the audience know how to meet their needs with your products and services. Therefore, we help businesses drive the sales content to connect with the target audience to pitch sales. At Vantage, you will be facilitated with the following services to increase sales and pitch your business to increase revenue generation. 

  • PR Kits & Product Descriptions 
  • Sales Funnels & Conversions
  • Email Ad Copy 
  • Web 2.0 Content 

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is the foundation of a healthy branding and marketing strategy. This includes your visual assets and an appropriate voice, tone and message for your brand. A seamless brand experience reflects your company values and builds trust. We help our customers with the following services to create a brand with a strong identity making it visible to the customers in the market. 

  • Logo & Stationery Design 
  • Custom Web Design & Development 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Voice, Tone, Messaging

In today’s chaotic digital landscape, constant content creation is crucial to capturing the audience’s attention. Take a look at the ongoing services offered by Vantage to make your brand look more approachable in the market.  

Ongoing Services

You probably already know the importance of branding if you are here. You may not know that your brand needs to be curated on an ongoing basis to reflect your growth and keep audiences engaged. In today’s chaotic digital landscape, constant content creation is crucial to capturing the audience’s attention. 

At Vantage, you will have access to some of the top digital marketing brains to help you test your marketing ideas – at a fraction of the cost of approaching an agency or hiring someone. We offer a wide range of monthly services to cater to your ongoing needs.

web service

Web Service 

Whether you want to beef up an existing website, create an entirely new one or just enhance your web presence, we help you design a unique experience for your users from conception to wireframing to design to testing and development.

visual identity and brand messaging

Visual Identity & Brand Messaging

A strong brand identity is the foundation of a healthy branding and marketing strategy. This includes your visual assets and an appropriate voice, tone and message for your brand. A seamless brand experience reflects your company values and builds trust.

Content Management & SEO

A robust content strategy is key to becoming an industry leader in today’s world. Coupled with ethical SEO such as intelligent content use, backlinks, website tags, and other tools, your content can be a powerful vehicle for your brand message. 

Social Engagement

Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many other social networking platforms are just vehicles for transporting your brand message. Using suitable media can help you build brand equity and increase engagement with your target customers.

In today’s chaotic digital landscape, ongoing content creation is crucial to capturing audience attention. Handling all the digital marketing activities is a tedious process, especially when you have additional tasks pending on your plate. You can think of hiring a digital marketing team at this point. Not only will the marketing team help curate the right tone and voice for the business, but half of your headache will be gone. 

If you are looking for expert advice on brand development and building brand identity, follow @Vantage ITES and know more about our services. 

The type of content that matters

Content creation is not just about paraphrasing the information gathered from different sources. It is about impacting the target audience to gain their trust.

Choosing the right tone and content type in digital marketing is strenuous. What we know might work for one brand but may fall completely different for another. The essential part of content creation is to grab the target audience’s attention in one go. 

Anyone reading your content should be curious to know more about your brand in one go. Following are some content types you must focus on to get the best results for your business. 

  • Infographics
  • Blog content
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Social media

Let us explore each one of them and see how you, as a business owner, can get the best results from them. 

Blog content marketing

Blog Content Marketing

Blog posts are most effective when used strictly for good content marketing. Businesses that use blogs receive more traffic from their audience and target customers. For achieving sales goals, blogs can be highly cost-effective for small businesses on a tight budget to achieve sales goals. 

There is a blog content strategy for increasing the business’s sales goals. Instead of blogging about how your product can change lives, focus on writing about the topics related to your products and services. 

Do not push your products and services when you try to establish your business locally or internationally. Customers are always looking for something new when a new company is based. Add genuine impact by adding something new and valuable, above and beyond what generic blogs offer. 

At the end of the blog, your readers will be excited to know your knowledge about the products and how the product can solve their problems. While writing the blog, do not use jargon and tough words that customers find difficult to understand. Keep your blog writing formal and valuable. 

infographic content marketing

Infographic Content Marketing

Infographics are the best medium to distribute information and call customers to the business webpage. You cannot always use an infographic, but choosing the right time and graphics can help elevate the content to the sublime. 

Infographics should be clear, meaningful and straightforward. Rather than the visuals, focus on the type of content the infographic will have. The right content will have a substantial impact on the customers. 

podcast content marketing

Podcast Content Marketing

Podcasts are beneficial for digital marketers to achieve sales goals. Podcasts help in delivering the right content to the target audience and can also help as a tool to promote the brand in the market. 

Use your professionally composed podcast to bring more awareness to your brand from challenging to penetrating markets with speciality niches and as a way to showcase your brand’s personality fantastically.

Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing can be expensive, but it will be worth it. Video marketing is in demand, and people are looking for creative ideas for businesses to connect with them. Written content is efficient, but those audiences wanting video content cannot be missed to achieve the sales goals with digital communication. 

Well-produced video content shows a whole different side of your business. With the video content, you reflect your creativity and even focus on creating content about something that will work for your business. 

Create captions for your videos and keep them short. Choose the right time to post long educational video content for your customers. Insert a brief introduction to let the audience understand what they want to see. Video content is a flexible option used in blogs, social media pages, and email campaigns. 

Social Media Content Marketing

Content marketing on social media has different rules and cannot be as exact as creating blogs and infographics. Unlike other digital marketing content, social media is about getting people to post and respond immediately. 

Social media should not be an urgent place. If your followers want to grow, give them time to engage and relate to your content. On social media, every independent post should have a meaning.

By watching your social media growth, you can quickly determine whether your target customers prefer videos, social posts, or blogs. In addition, you will also be able to gauge the social media traffic generated on your site.

create content that turns into leads

Create content that turns into leads

Whether you want to beef up an existing website or create an entirely new platform that helps your business drive growth, Vantage is here to help you to enhance your web presence. Implementing these trends like social media marketing, content marketing and blog posts can help you guarantee results. 

It would be impossible to compete without keeping up-to-date on the latest trends. Managing loads of information and keeping up with market trends can be tedious. Therefore, it is important to hire a marketing specialist who is up-to-date on the latest trends. This can give your business the edge compared to your competitors, helping you scale and grow your brand more quickly and effectively.

Using suitable media can help you build brand equity and increase engagement with your target customers. If you are looking for expert advice on brand development and building brand identity, email us at and know more about our services. 

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