How to overcome digital content marketing challenges?

Content marketing offers great brand and business-building opportunities, which is why the most successful marketers are now spending over 40% of their budgets on content marketing strategy. Almost 96% of top-performing content marketers report that effective content marketing has been key to helping them foster trust and create stronger connections with their audience

Unfortunately, without data-backed insights, you are making strategic decisions in the dark that can make or break your content marketing and, ultimately, your credibility with your audience. Many content marketers also find it challenging to understand the content data and strategies to pitch to the right audience. 

According to the reports published by Content Matters 2022, it was found that 49% of content marketers do not know how their content is performing, even when most of them are tracking content metrics. These B2B content marketing challenges need to be addressed. In this blog, our team will discuss the common content marketing challenges and strategies to overcome them. 

Finding a clear marketing plan

At Vantage, we believe that an effective strategy forms the base of everything your organization does. Your marketing plan defines the targets your company seeks to achieve in the coming years. It helps your marketing team create messages that align with your end goal. 

Insights → Opportunities → Strategy → Targets → Execution

To overcome this problem, start small by – 

  • Break your marketing into actionable plans.
  • Unify organisational assets like content calendars, CMS platforms and project management tools.
  • Hire a professional content marketing agency to simplify your content yet make it crisp to hit the right notes with your target audience.
  • Keep your marketing plan flowing.

Above all, strategies for effective marketing can change, which is why agile marketers are the most successful. Set benchmarks, continuously assess your marketing plan and make changes whenever necessary. 

Creating the right marketing message

We have had some clients come to us with a product or service – they are almost too familiar with. When the target audience is too familiar with the product or service, it becomes challenging to pitch in perfectly and generate leads by constructing applicable marketing content. 

Most of the time, businesses focus on the complex features of a product or service rather than the problem it is trying to solve. Companies must focus on how their product or service can solve a problem or what the service will help the end-users achieve. 

To overcome this problem, look as your audience rather than at your audience.

Your marketing message should speak to your prospect. Take a look at the following 5-step method for creating your marketing message.

  • Identify your target market 
  • Identify the problems of your target audience 
  • Present your solution
  • Give them the results you have produced
  • Explain what makes you different from your competitors 

Step back and view what you are selling in the eyes of your audience. Keep your audience as the central focus of your marketing story. Rather than emphasizing the products and unique features, focus on what the buyer will achieve and how the product or service will help solve their problem. If that is too time-taking, you may hire a creative content agency like Vantage to help build an effective content strategy.

Are you struggling to create an effective content marketing strategy? Start your journey with Vantage today. Contact us and learn more about content marketing services. 

Producing enough content 

It can be challenging to produce content daily, weekly or bi-weekly. Creating content is indeed a lengthy process, even for blog posts. According to Rock content, 29% of people spend at least 2-3 hours creating a single piece of content for their website. 

Start-up companies might find it challenging to cope with the target audience. Business owners might find it difficult to create blogs, videos, infographics and podcasts for the brand within a limited time frame. If you struggle to produce content every month, reproduce your old content with new facts to engage your audience. 

Outsourcing your work to content creation companies is a great option to overcome this problem. 

Outsourcing your work to someone like Vantage will allow your business to build effective SEO-optimized content, designers, video editors and content creators to help you propel your business in a fraction of the time.

Hiring a content marketing agency like Vantage can help you produce engaging content focusing on other aspects of your business, like research and business presentation for investors, among others. 

A final piece of advice 

In a world with the constant shift of customer preferences and ongoing volatility, content analytics is a key to gaining crucial insight to build customer relations. It would help if you had flexibility (reasonably priced) to stay competitive in a changing market. Vantage offers a wide range of services to cater to your changing needs. 

At Vantage, we help every client chart a unique path for their brand. Look at our ad-hoc services and build a compelling and unforgettable customer experience. We have a professional team of the best content marketers who understand how their work can help our clients to create effective content that gets readers to convert. 

If you are looking for expert advice on content creation strategies and building brand identity, email us at and learn more about our services.

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